Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Salford British National Party July Meeting

Salford British National Party July 2011 Meeting

A very well attended and productive July meeting in Salford, with their very own activist, Eddy O’Sullivan giving a speech

The night kicked off with Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser chairing the meeting Gary gave the leadership challenge summary and results announcing that Nick Griffin MEP had rightfully and democratically been re-elected to lead the British National Party, to a delightful crowd.

The night proceeded to Eddy O’Sullivan long time member, candidate and activist, who spoke about the importance of the preservation of the British trades and traditions, Eddy speech was a pro active one, with most members getting involved and having their say along with Eddy.

Salford British National Party Organiser Gary Tumulty closed the meeting by talking of activity the branch and party had been up to within the past months, and why it is important to move on together as one and aim high.

Gary Tumulty said “Another well attended monthly meeting in Salford, I thank all the members who attended, and donated there hard earned cash to the branch, Eddy O’Sullivan is one of Salford’s finest and most of my knowledge as organiser was pick up from Eddy."

“The target has been set by the Salford members, the ultimate goal is yet to come. I for one as I explained tonight, am in the British National Party for the long haul, and in Salford we will continue to fight for our country and a brighter future” Gary Concluded


  1. It nice to see the lads get involved, yet again, Can Eddie please get in touch with our organiser, and also we are in need of a decent donation to fight our corner,

  2. Eddy has been told wakefield i will pass you his number