Sunday, 10 July 2011

Leadership Hustings 'IN Salford'.‏

Salford BNP Hustings

By RWB political correspondent.

British National Party chairman Nick Griffin MEP and leadership hopeful Andrew Brons MEP addressed a very well attended election hustings on Friday 8th July in Salford.
Both men started with short speeches outlining their plans for the party, and why members should elect them.

Mr Griffin and Mr Brons then faced some difficult questioning from members, with party finances, internal discipline, and the employment of a known trouble causer the main topics. Other members questioned Mr Brons on why he refused to sign the candidates contract, which he failed to answer to the satisfaction of the majority of those in attendance. Mr Brons struggled to answer a question on why he thinks he can run the party as chairman, and continue his duties as an MEP, when it is well documented he has said Mr Griffin is unable to do the same. 

The general feeling is that Mr Brons did little to impress, and did his election hopes no favours with his answers, many being in the negative. If he is to stand any chance of a decent return, he must come up with a lot more positive answers than those he has given so far.

Mr Griffin fared better, with eloquent and understandable reasons why he should be re-elected as chairman. His quote of 'You don't change a jockey half way through a race' brought applause and agreement from the members. 

RWB Salford asked Salford officials Gary Tumulty and Keith Fairhurst how they think the hustings went. ' Round one to Nick Griffin in my opinion' said Mr Tumulty. ' His positive and forthright answers struck a chord with the members, whilst Mr Brons seemed evasive and negative'.

Keith Fairhurst added 'I agree with Gary, Mr Griffin came across a lot better, and his open admission that mistakes have been made in the past, and his ideas to improve the way things are done swung it for me. Mr Brons didn't impress me at all. The one good thing is that both candidates pledged to support the other, regardless of the outcome of the election. That is a good thing, this party needs unity,   The party will move on from this in better shape than previously, our demise is greatly exaggerated'.

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