Sunday, 24 July 2011

HOLD THE FRONT PAGE, Amy Winehouse Is Dead.‏

Front Page Trash

By RWB correspondent.

It would seem that the British media regard the death of a drug addled, booze soaked singer as more newsworthy than the deaths of hundreds of our young men, sent into battle in an illegal, and immoral war, 

Ms Winehouse, who at best could be regarded as a fair talent, has sparked a general outpouring of grief following her early demise, whilst soldiers getting killed in Afghanistan rarely gets more than a few words in our newspapers, usually hidden somewhere between the adverts for porn films and viagra. 

How fickle are the masses, that a self confessed drug addicts death can be more important to them than the deaths of Britain's finest fighting men? How low have we sunk as a nation that we care more about a woman who liked nothing better than sticking a needle into her veins ?

I cannot understand how someone with an unstable mind, and a penchant for all things narcotic, can be considered as worthy of so many column inches, including the front page, of our sunday newspapers, when our brave, but under equipped men die almost on a daily basis, yet get little more than a fleeting mention, almost as an after thought.

The British media are guilty of diminishing the lives of those that fight and die for our freedoms, and should hang their heads in shame, as should the lemmings of this country that have become obsessed with celebrity . Our complicit, and traitorous Government should also be ashamed. They made a decision to stop public repatriations in Wootton Bassett, further diminishing the acts of selfless heroism from our armed forces by bringing the dead in through the back door.

The media and Government betrayal of our armed forces cannot go unchallenged, and whilst I have some sympathy  for Ms Winehouse, I feel that the plight of our soldiers far outweighs that of a mediocre, drug ravaged nobody.

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