Monday, 4 July 2011

Salford Rapist Jailed

Julia Browne Migrant Rapist Of Haddon Road, Peel Green Salford

Native Barbados Julian Browne was convicted and jailed indefinitely for rape and a danger to the public,

Mr Browne On Friday 1st July 2011 at Manchester Crown Court admitted three counts of rape, and a section 47 assault at the earlier hearing, he was given an indeterminate sentence for a public protection (IPP) and ordered to serve a seven years before any consideration of parole

Browne of Barbados has previous convictions for rape and similar offences from his home land

Browne, of Peel Green Salford, at 8AM of 16th November 2010 took a break from his job in Manchester City Centre, to travel to Eccles and break in to a 18 years old girls bedroom and hold a knife to her throat, then throttle her causing her to lose consciousness, Mr Browne then tied up the girls wrists with her mobile phone charger, gagged her and raped her, also punching her as he carried out the act.

Browne continued to rape the girl by dragging her in to another room to continue were he had left off. Browne asked the 18 year old girl was she expecting any body, she them told Browne her dad was due to pick her up. Browne took the 18 years old mobile phone, and text her dad instructing him not to come,
Browne then told the girl “You have turned me into a rapist, you have destroyed my life”

Mr Browne then left to go back to work as if this was a normal days activity and nothing had happened.
Greater Manchester Police Detective Sergeant Tony Platten Said “Browne subjected a teenager to an appalling sexual and physical attack and while no sentence will ever put right his wicked actions, I hope the fact that he has been deemed a danger to the public and jailed indefinitely is of some comfort.”

RWB Correspondents spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who said “Browne is an animal, such vermin should not be allowed in to our country, To subject a helpless girl to such an ordeal then have the audacity to blame his victim for his crime is sick, the only answer is let the man serve his time within the UK prison’s, but on a proper wing not a special segregated one they have for sex offenders, then deport him back to his homeland Barbados”

“The government have to set tougher measures and stricter rules for those entering the country, its not a free land for people to come and go and do as they please, breaking British laws. Its Great Britain for gods sake, our country is the most important thing to us, we don’t want the immigrants ruining what we have”

“Immigration has failed this country and the current and past government has let the real British down badly with out a doubt” Gary Concluded


  1. This is typical of the sick scum that the corrupt 'authorities' are importing into our Land. Their birth rates are not replacing us quick enough so rape, murder and economic sustenance (selling our children back to us as food) is also viable. Multicult is murder. When will people wake up and see that it is white genocide.