Thursday, 21 July 2011

A 'Sign' Of The Times?‏

Old Salford Sign

By RWB communities correspondent.

Researchers have collected some 60 signs from Salford streets that have been bulldozed over the years They are the lost streets of Salford – roads and housing fallen victim to the never-ending march of time. Memories lost, history destroyed, communities crushed.

The powers that be call it regeneration, I call it destruction.  No longer are there any real communities, where neighbours oft popped next door for a brew and a chat, or kids played football on the street with the goalposts painted on the wall of a house.  Gone is the spirit that keeps people going when times are hard, gone is the pride in the community, gone is the fabric of what makes Salford great.

In place of these traditional communities stand fenced off and segregated mini communities, almost prison like, with little or no interaction outside the 'bubble'. By design, town planners have stifled and crushed the community, penning people in like sheep, killing off any communal spirit that once knitted Salfordians together, creating a divided, easier to control population

The deliberate dismantling of our communities isn't restricted to Salford. All across Britain, communities are being taken apart by those that fear a unified population. A fragmented and purposeless community poses less of a threat to their 'status quo', and makes it easier for them to impose their draconian policies.

Our way of life is under threat, we are being shepherded into stalag type blocks, we are being brainwashed and manipulated into accepting our fate, with little hope of retaining what we know as right..............It really is 'A sign of the times'.

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