Friday, 22 July 2011

Another 4000 'New Comers' To Salford.

Specail Labour John Merry, Lost It Salford Advertiser

RWB Correspondent

This weeks Salford Advertiser, we see Labours Special John Merry, Council Leader, boasting over how over 4000 new comers have come to Salford to stay and how its benefited us,

The British National Party in Salford have a very real different opinion of what John says.

RWB correspondent’s spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser on this statement who says “The first thing I would like to know is where exactly these supposed over four thousand people have just come from and how exactly does it benefit us here in Salford?"

"Lets remember Salford Royal NHS maternity ward has been shut down, all the NHS walk-in centres have closed, people are being turned away from doctors as they are over stretched due to many being registered at practice’s"

"The strain its had on the education system is incredible, schools are being closed down, teachers are being laid off, class rooms are full and continuing to fill more, Salford University has been said to be the worst in the country due to poor exam results"

"Jobs are at a all time low, no jobs for the local people due to foreign workers taking jobs what our own British should be doing"

"Housing, there simply isn’t any 10 years waiting lists bidding system are making it much harder for the Salfordian to be housed up. But yet we see the bull dozers are still demolishing council houses and selling land and property off to private landlords, Homeless centres are also getting the bullet as the main one being Lancaster House is due to be shut."

"All Salford Council Front line Services have took a hit due to the cut backs in government
Police front line has been hit as well, more jobs gone and policing of the extra people in Salford in real danger, of not having enough officers to uphold the law in the city”

"Most of the ‘new comers’ in Salford are refugee’s so they will be on the benefits system, as there are no jobs. So it does not generate extra money for Salford on tax revenue."

"John Merry is well wrong when he says it’s benefiting Salford, Him self not being a real Salfordian, being bussed in from Birmingham. How can a man what is not even from Salford say what’s good for our city, after all if it goes wrong its not his city he has destroyed, its ours, the real Salfordian!!!"

"The man has finally lost the plot, it comes to show the old story of the Labour party have lost touch with the locals and real Salford people, John do us all a favour, pack up and leave, that would be the best thing could do for Salford."

"When Voting you need to remember things like this, not just things like election time Labour street clean up’s or how they had the grid fixed at the time, The British National Party are committed to the People of Salford and the history and culture of our Salford, another point worth remembering is You Change The People and You Change The Culture” Gary Concludes


  1. Quote : we see Labours Special John Merry, Council Leader, boasting over how over 4000 new comers have come to Salford to stay and how its benefited us!
    Yeah John Merry not being funny but my own experience seeing OUR new residents taking a pee in the middle of the car park "salford precinct" middle of the day, others doing the same thing Sunday morning up the church wall near the market when woman and children was walking past .. The futures looking good Jonny mate CHEERS!!

    Can you not hold a meeting with this guy and tell him the truth.. rather than fill our local rag with more rubbish like this!

  2. The truth of the matter is 'Special' John thinks he doing a splendid job Blue, We no the truth, we no who the new comers are, and we also no right from wrong.

    Its our country its our city John Merry is scum and anti British and for this he will pay when he burns in hell and people like us are in heaven