Thursday, 14 July 2011

Nick Griffin MEP Committed To The Cause

Party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP GMM St Henens Signed BNP Contract

By RWB Political Correspondent Special Leadership Report

RWB Salford is following the leadership challenge campaign which is going on within the British National Party, and over the next couple of days will continue to show why Nick Griffin MEP has Salford support,

A story back from the 27th June we covered was how at the BNP GMM St Helens Sunday 26th June 2011 Nick Griffin signed a contract stating if he was ever to up and leave the party the seat would retain and stay with the British National Party.

Now as we all know Nick Griffin MEP is the Chairman and has no desire to step down or leave the party,

Nick Griffin MEP has signed the contract with no hesitation. Andrew Brons MEP sharply left the venue, refusing to sign the contract. Nick tried to get Andrew to return and has turned down and an ultimate refusal was made, Andrew to date still has not signed the contract, and point blankly refuses to.

The members voted in favour of the constitution change to have all candidates standing or elected to high profile positions such as MEP’s to prevent losing more seats if they decided to up and leave, as in the case of Richard Barnbrook member of the GLA.

Nick Griffin MEP has clearly shown his commitment to the nationalist cause and the British National Party,

RWB Correspondent spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser who said “I haven’t got much to say on this matter, other than what’s the big problem, I signed the contract as a candidate in the Welsh Assembly Elections”

RWB has drew to the conclusion Andrew Brons must think he is above this constitution change on what the members wanted, and this is one of many reason why RWB Salford would urge members of the British National Party to re-elect current chairman Nick Griffin MEP to continue in the quest of moving the party forward.

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