Sunday, 31 July 2011

Top Doctor Quits Over Death Of Patient.‏

Salford Royal Hospital

By RWB correspondent.

A top hospital doctor has resigned after a coroner ruled neglect had contributed to the death of a patient in his care.
Dr Stephen Waldek admitted he had ‘failed’ Mark Holland, who suffered two heart attacks while being treated in Salford Royal Hospital. Mark, 24, had a rare metabolic disorder and needed a special diet and liquids.
But a five-day inquest heard he had no treatment management plan, monitoring of his heart was ‘indequate,’ and suggestions by his family about how to look after him were ignored.
Dr Waldek – consultant in adult metabolic disorders and executive medical director at the hospital – did not develop any specific guidance to help staff treat patients with Mark’s condition, the inquest heard.
In an astonishing admission, Dr Waldek, from Sale, told the inquest: "It is quite clear that although my intentions were to do the best I could for Mark Holland, I failed.
Coroner Jennifer Leeming said the underlying cause of Mark’s death was natural causes, contributed to by neglect.
The hospital has admitted liability and a civil action for damages brought by the family is nearly complete. A formal complaint to the General Medical Council may also be made.
RWB  contacted Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty, who was angered by the lack of care shown to a patient in Salford. 'It is sickening' said Mr Tumulty. ' Once again, a patient has died because of the ineptitude of doctors employed by the ever failing NHS. Only recently, a baby died because of lack of care, and now this. The doctor in question should face charges of medical neglect, and a stiff penalty. It's disgusting that the man's family were ignored, especially when they gave vital tips on how to care for him. Another life wasted because of the gross incompetence of the NHS.'

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