Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Aslyum Seeker Jailed For Sexual Abuse Of Our Grils‏

Honayon Norouzzad The Pervy Child Abbuser From Iran

Takeaway worker and Asylum Seeker Homayon Norouzzad, 34, From Iran, Jailed for four years for the sexual exploitation for underage school girls.

Mr Norouzzad who lived above the takeaway in whitefield which he works, pleaded guilty of 25 sexual offences and a further 8 will be left to lie on his file, His crime was involving 18 victims all young school girls, Norouzzard came to the country from Iran in the year of 2000, and last year was granted leave to stay.

Covered in tattoos Nazouzzad groomed young girls by offering free food and money in return for them to allow him to kiss their feet, a sexual fetish Nazouzzad has. It was said in Bolton Crown Court that Nazouzzad would offer the girls £5 up to £90 for his perverted pleasures to be met.

Judge Maureen Roddy told Norouzzad “There is no doubt that you knew these girls were under-age - they should not have been engaged in any activity of this kind."

"These are three children who should be enjoying their lives instead each has their own nightmare. Each suffered significant psychological harm."

She said the impact on the victims had been "devastating".

Three of Nazouzzads victims personal impact statement were read out in Bolton Crown Court, One saying she wished she was dead and made attempts to slash her own wrists with a razor blade”

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser Said “People like Nazouzzad, do not deserve to be in or country, it’s the point again Migrants from Muslim country’s abusing our children, the court or press never said if he was a muslim but you can bet your last pound he is, the takeaway shop is a halal outlet so it all stacks up. The man is absolutely disgusting he has groomed young girls to meet his perverted ways, its not normal. Its also be said Nazouzzad is a danger to the public, and the children of our society, I completely agree with that, The man had no shame what he done to the little girls, he actually thought that he was giving them some thing in return by offering food and money”

“It begs the question why is such vermin allowed into our country, our children are our future, its time for the current government and authorities to start protecting them before we do” Gary Concluded

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  1. Huge 'well done' to the RWB Salford team. You get the news out almost as it happens. The young children that have suffered the most heinous indignities, assaults and violations by this disgusting monster are just as equally victims of this government's and the previous government's open border immigration policy. This beast fled from his homeland because he hurt small children there. Why should we harbour other country's peadophiles and rapists? Well he is jailed now so the British taxpayer will have to pay for his choice of meals and fund his heating and lighting and education and religious needs. He is jailed for 4 years. He will be out within a year. Send him back to his own land... they would either behead him or make him marry his victims. VOTE BNP!