Friday, 15 July 2011

Generous Donation At Salford Hustings

Nick Griffin Salford BNP Hustings £1000 Donation

This month’s national tours of hustings for the 2011 Leadership Contest of the British National Party started of with an incredibly generous donation of £1,000 given to the Chairman Nick Griffin by one of our growing number of businessmen who are starting to back the British National Party with serious financial support. 

Paul Ainscough donated the £1,000 to the British National Party.

Nick Griffin accepted the cheque on behalf of British National Party TV, and said: 
‘We are building up our counter-media operation, and the volunteers that do such an incredible job for the party filming events all over Britain deserve our full support and investment. They do an incredible job on such a low budget. It is with great pleasure that I give British National Party TV the full donation to be used in their vital work for the Nationalist cause.’

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