Sunday, 10 July 2011

Salford Says NO To The EU.

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By RWB political correspondent.

Bad weather and the distraction of the leadership challenge couldn't deter the hard working Salford branch of the British National party from setting up a table top with the parties latest campaign to force the coalition Government into giving the British people a referendum on our membership of the European Union.

Activists had barely set up the table when people started  queueing to add their names to the petition, such is the feeling in Salford. Everyone that signed commented on how they want Britain out of the EU immediately.

Party chairman Nick Griffin paid a surprise visit to help, prior to the leadership election hustings later that day, and was immediately swamped by locals who wanted to shake his hand, have photos taken with him, and to wish him luck. Mr Griffin later commented on how we was 'Delighted with the response to the petition in Salford'

RWB Salford asked branch officials Gary Tumulty and Keith Fairhurst for their opinions on the days event. 'Absolutely fantastic' said Mr Tumulty. 'This goes a long way to prove that the people of Salford never agreed to join the common market years ago, and want to lend their voice to force the house of thieves to give us a referendum'.

Mr Fairhurst added ' The people of Salford have spoken, and we now know the strength of feeling against our membership of the EU. Everybody now realises we were conned into joining the EEC, and now want Britain out of an Establishment that costs this country billions each year, with little or no benefit to Britain. It's time to get out NOW, before its too late'.

RWB Salford are keen to lend support to this campaign, and will bring readers more information as it happens. Visit regularly to find out more on this, and other British National Party campaigns in Salford.

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