Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Salford Magistrate £2000 Expenses Scandal

Salford Magistrate Edward Whelpton Forrest Bank Prison

A Salford Magistrate was handed a 18 week suspended sentence for deliberately cheating £2000 out of the public over a 2 year expenses fiddle

Salford magistrate, Edward Whelpton, 75 frauded colleague’s signatures to obtain up to £2000 of expenses on his mileage, meals and loss of earnings, Whelpton was currently working on the independent monitoring board at Forrest Bank Prison.

It was reported from Manchester Minshul Street Crown Court were Mr Whelpton has in the past sat along side judges on appeal hearings he said “Oh no. I'm going to be put behind bars for this."

Whelpton other curriculum was being extras on Coronation Street and Waterloo Road, He has also appeared in a Person accidents advert.

Judge Jai Penna told Whelpton: "You were aware that the use of public office to obtain sums to which people are not entitled has been a great subject of news in recent months.

"When someone takes on public responsibility in a civic role, they are expected to behave with impeccable honesty. When someone takes advantage of that position to gain profitably, it is a betrayal of public trust."

Whelpton who was arrested back in 2009 told Police officers as they knocked “It’s about the expenses!" then pleaded guilty to 4 expenses fraud claims. Wheplton also said  "The victim was not an individual, and no hardship resulted from what he did."

Whelpton was ordered to pay £1,000 towards prosecution costs, and has been made subject of a weekend curfew for three months, in addition to his prison sentence, which was suspended for 12 months.

Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser said “that man has a front, to say oh he shouldn’t be imprisoned and how there no hardship on the victims, The Victim is the tax payer so I would say yes there is hardship, He has really got off with his crime, I wouldn’t say touch justice was served here, A man who is in a such high profile status in society should know better, how could he possibly sit on a panel preaching the wrongs to criminals when he was actually one him self”

“It disgusts me, I think he should have gone to prison as any other normal person would have done who commits fraud out of the public purse” Gary Concludes

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