Monday, 25 July 2011

Breaking News Nick Griffin MEP Re-elected BNP Chairman

Salford BNP With Chairman Nick Griffin MEP

News just in that after a close leadership challenge Nick Griffin MEP has been democratically re-elected for another four year term of Chairman of the British National Party.

The two political heavy weights Nick Griffin MEP and Andrew Brons went head to head with the leadership challenge, lots of hustings with gruelling questions for both contenders over finance, employees, unpaid debt’s and power over the British National Party,

Smear booklets and outrageous lies were told from the supporters of Andrew Brons but the nationalists of the British National Party saw straight through the dams of lies and the best man for the job won the contest, Nick Griffin MEP.

RWB Politics Correspondent spoke to Nick Griffin MEP shortly after the results were announced on the main web site, Mr Griffin Said “The time for division and disruption is over, now is the time to heal, now is the time to move on. Now is the time to get back to work, We have a Party to build and a Nation to save, Let us go forward together”

RWB Correspondent spoke to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser who said “I for one am glad the leadership challenge is over, the best man won, Nick always had my support and the backing of the Salford branch, its time to drop any grudges and move on, the real enemy Is the Lib/Lab/Con Government, the arguing has to stop now, we move on stronger more unite as nationalist and lets secure our grand children’s and children’s future, lets take back what is rightfully ours, Great Britain”

The Results From British National Party Head Quarters Were As Said;

The count was conducted by Geoff Dickens, Returning Officer

The Winner Nick Griffin MEP 1,157

The Loser Andrew Brons MEP 1,148

Spoilt papers 11

Nick Griffin MEP Retains his seat as Chairman of the British National Party, for a four year fixed term

Salford British National Party and the RWB Admin team would like to wish Nick congratulations and good luck in the future and we will always be loyal and support you.


  1. Congratulations Nick! Well done. Top man.

  2. Thank you for your support as well ukgovsucks

  3. Well done Mr Griffin we all stand shoulder to shoulder moving forward together , united , stronger and determined to take back what is rightfully ours , stolen by corrupt traitors after our parents and grandparents struggled twice to halt the onslaught of a foreign and corrupt ideology we wont let your struggle nor our culture nor our heritage disappear or fade away through the corrupt traitors and invaders that now try to destroy our way of life .