Friday, 1 April 2011

Salford 'Boyo's ' selected for Welsh Assembly elections.‏

By RWB political correspondent.

Salford branch of the British National Party are extremely pleased to announce that three of it's members have been selected to stand for election in the upcoming Welsh Assembly elections in May. The three candidates selected are Salford organiser Gary Tumulty, Deputy organiser Keith Fairhurst, and long term member Edward O'Sullivan.
Mr Tumulty has been allocated to contest mid and west Wales, whilst Mr Fairhurst and Mr O'Sullivan have been allocated to stand in south Wales central.


  1. Excellent! Well done lads.

  2. Good luck to you all am in Mountain Ash for Georges day if their is leafletting for the Rhonnda going on can you let me know please thanks !

  3. BOYO'S ? WTF ?

    Personally I think the Welsh would much prefer Welsh candidates?