Monday, 25 April 2011

May 5th Irwell Riverside. Vote Gary Tumulty, British National Party

On May 5th Irwell Riverside. Salford. This is your chance Vote Gary Tumulty British National Party

Stations can be found at;

(RA) Temporary Building, Lay-By, Seaford Road / Greyhound Drive
(RB) - (RC) St. Sebastian’s Community Centre, 5 Gerald Rd.
(RD) St. Thomas’s Church, Ford Lane.
(RE) -(RI) The Friars Primary School, Cannon Street

(RF) Greengate Community Centre, Newbank Tower, Bridgewater Street.
(RG) Pendleton House, Broughton Road.
(RH) - (RJ) The Beacon Centre, London Street.
(RK) Summerville Sure Start Centre, Summerville Road.


  1. this seat would be a real victory, the country and the bnp need men like gary tumulty

  2. I've had a few glossy leasflets from Labour through my door and listing all their dubious 'achievements'. Strange that they don't mention that they let in 3 million immigrants when in government as one of their achievements of which they are so proud ( Expect some mealy mouthed apologies from Milliband's mob on this one soon now the damage is done). Were they really thinking of the British working people when they carried out this act of anti-British betrayal? !! No, just delighting in making this country less British and counting up all those grateful and guaranteed ethnic votes into the bargain. Do Labour care about the effects their plan to 'diversify' Britain through mass immigration has had upon keeping wages low, raising housing costs, pressuring education and the NHS budgets. Well ,they might do if they actually cared for native British working people, but then Labour is an internationalist party so they have no allegiance to the British people anymore than the other anti-British parties do.