Thursday, 7 April 2011

Salford BNP Candiates / Wards


Brenda Leather                                   British National Party
Carol Jones                                        UKIP
Jimmy Hunt                                         Labour
Chris Reed                                          Lib Dem
Tony Yates                                         Con

Irwell Riverside

Gary Tumulty                                      British National Party
Alan Wright                                        UKIP
Stephen Ord                                       Labour
David Lewis                                       Con
Janice Taylor                                      Lib Dem


Keith Fairhurst                                   British National Party
Graham Hulse                                    UKIP
Gina Loveday                                    Labour
George Darlington                             Con
Steve Middleton                                Lib Dem
Andy Beham                                     socialists against Cuts


Wayne Taylor                                  British National Party
John Brereton                                  UKIP
Stuart Cremins                                 Ind
John Ferguson                                 Labour
Keyth Scoles                                  Con
Christine Corry                               Lib Dem


Stuart Henshaw                             British National Party
Bernard Gill                                   UKIP
Paula Boshel                                 Labour
Anna Broomhead                          Con
Steven Plaister                              Lib Dem
Tony Moore                                 Socialists against Cuts


  1. Every single seat you contesting, you are also standing against UKIP? Do you expect to win any? Or will the Nationalists vote be successfully divided between the two of you?
    If it were AV of course you might fare a little better?

  2. UKIP are nor nationalists Robin - they pretend to be.

    It is a hinderence to have UKIP standing in so many seats, however they must be beaten, I see no other option than real grass roots activism over a number of years.

    That is something UKIP won't be doing in Salford.