Monday, 11 April 2011

The Unstoppable Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty

RWB Salford confirms that Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser and Irwell Riverside candidate, is proving his worth to the British National Party once again. Less than twenty four hours after spending the day printing and folding his leaflets, we joined him has he braved the wet weather and started the task of delivering them to his ward.

It proved to be a day not to be made miserable by the wet weather though, has we saw Gary quickly encountered extremely good support from a lot of locals. Even as we were walking around with Gary enquiry calls and texts were coming in from people having just received and reading the local Irwell Riverside leaflet.

RWB correspondents spoke to Gary who said. “These are such exciting times that we live in, every by-election brings a whole new wave of support. This year has brought the best support I have ever encountered. The Labour Party have done their best to try and demonise and intimmidate me and my pregnant girlfriend in our own home, and my place of work. The public in Irwell Riverside are not stupid. They are aware of who is responsible and who were arrested. It will be intresting to see if it affect’s the ballot box come May 5th. It would be good to just think possibly this could see me elected as the first BNP councillor, In Irwell Riverside now it is clearly a two horse race, lets hope the voters back the right Party, The BNP”.

RWB Salford will say this keep up the good work Gary you have our vote.

RWB Salford subscribers and browsers stay posted as more and more reports will be coming in as we follow all of our great, British National Party candidates, in their campaigns leading up to the election.


  1. Stay strong, and don't let the bstrds grind you and the Missus down.
    Nice to see you back on the streets mate. I hope you recorded the shoulder patch numbers of the Police that did this.

  2. The Salford gang never stops! Brave man!

  3. Fight the good fight my dear friend.