Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Salford BNP Donate Printer To Hemsworth Branch

RWB Reports Salford Business man, together with Gary Tumulty, Branch Organiser, Donate a top of the range brand new printer to the Hemsworth BNP Branch for there election campaign to have Darren Lumb elected to the council

Gary Tumulty say’s “It was my pleasure to help such a hard working and dedicated Organiser such as Darren, It is worth every penny and its awaiting goal for him to be elected to the council, I know Darren on a person level and I wish Darren all the best with his campaign and I hope this printer is a useful tool in the war on Labour”

RWB Salford spoke to Darren Lumb Hemsworth Organiser and candidate for South Elmsal and South Kirby Ward who said “I would like to thank Gary Tumulty, Salford’s Organiser for travelling all the way to my house, with his friends and colleagues, to let me take delivery of the printer. I am very grateful for this kind offer, I appreciate every thing you guys have done, I am for ever in your debt. This really means a sense of comrades and one big family”

It just comes to show what lengths the British National Party are prepared to all help each other out,

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