Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Trade Unions Are In Cahoots With Salford Council.

Freedom Of Information discovers; From Salford Council
* Cost of trade union representatives:

Full time - £143,345
Part time - £65,711

Please note that these are employees seconded to the union representative post. Employees in these posts are paid the same salary that they received for their previous position. The figures provided
include representatives of teaching as well as non-teaching unions.

Catch this one as well;

* Staff facility time and cost - This information is not held. The council does have a facilities/time off agreement in place. However, information regarding time taken off by trade union officials in
accordance with this agreement is not centrally recorded. Details may, in some instances, be informally noted by managers for management purposes but this is not done routinely across the organisation. In addition, some trade union activities undertaken by union representatives are not covered by this agreement. In summary, the council does not formally record the amount of paid staff time spent working on behalf of trade unions. As a result, the council is unable to provide you with the information you are seeking.

RWB Response say’s “we would certainly want to no what the civil servants are doing as they are being paid by the public and the transparency is needed. Its not uncommon for council staff to bunk off or be lazy now is it. (un heard of don’t be so silly)

Now lets not forget, The TUC distribute Anti BNP Lealfets, look at the proof below

Take note from the inprint

The phone number 0161 789 2999 is direclty to Salford TUC offices

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  1. Mumble mumble from the Council, all I hear is something akin to tinnitus. No doubt if they told the truth, and released the information requested then the elephant in the room would be trumpeting loudly..