Monday, 25 April 2011

Salford BNP St Georges Day Calibrations

A team from Salford BNP gather with other nationalists for a fun filled day to celebrate St Georges day.

The family filled day was well attended and the celebrations began, RWB did attend with Salford BNP who were engaging with the general public, who are always thank full for the BNP presence were ever they go.
Mean time back in Irwell Riverside we had a group of fascist race hating and anti British students all unrelated to Salford. The out side from a known labour supporting group called Manchester Fascist Alliance (MAFA) were out posting anti BNP leaflets

RWB spoke to a few residents of the estate of the Irwell Riverside who were all of the opinion that the group of sponging students were all wrong by interfering with democracy in the Irwell Ward, One was recognised as Tony Moore who is standing in the Winton Ward for the Socialist Party and is known for his extreme views and anti democracy ways. One resident did say she has never voted or even considered voting BNP but this year will be unique as her tick will stand beside the British heart of Gary Tumulty her BNP candidate.

We did speak to Gary Tumulty Irwell Riverside candidate and Salford Organiser who really didn’t seem to bothered about MAFA’s actions, he said “MAFA is a violent fascist and extreme group of students, their leafleting does nothing in this area as all the public here no who I am, they no they can approach me with any issue they wish and yes they vote for me and the British National Party, I did receive about 50 or 60 or so of these leaflets though my door, waste of a leaflet but they did keep the fire warm at night” “MAFA should just bite the bullet and distribute my leaflets as their’s don’t even effect my area or the voting ways of my constituency or they could really do the unthinkable which is give some thing back to the tax payer and get a job” Gary concluded

Pictures of the ST Georges event can been seen below.


  1. loks like a family, day of celebrations enjoyed by all, well done foks x

  2. Those cretins at Manchester Cathedral need pointing to the website of The Royal Society of St George who state of our Patron Saint that, 'from a physical description, he was probably of Darian origin, he was of tall stature and had FAIR hair'. They can then issue another edict against the "far-right" Royal Society of St George's (patron Her Majesty, no less ! lol !!) 'hijacking' of St George's Day with full publicity in the bumwipe M.E.N of course - maybe signed by an 'actor' or two from Corrie for added gravitas !