Monday, 25 April 2011

Every Day Is Successful For Salford BNP

The Salford BNP election teams were out across the city over the weekend, every candidate is getting a great response, Gary Tumulty Irwell Riverside candidate and local organiser, is getting a in particular a high level of support in his ward.

RWB have been out many of times with Gary, but this weekend has been the best ever response ever witnessed in the past two years Gary has stood in the ward.

Gary tells RWB correspondents “On Sunday I went out on the ward I and my team of activists canvassed lots of doors, there is a lot of support out there today, in light of what the anti BNP fascists group MAFA leafleting the ward the previous day. My voters on my ward are not stupid, they no the real Gary Tumulty not the lies such groups tell. I am now really looking forward to election day, I think the result will be very intresting.”

RWB Salford would just emphasized what Gary says there and urges all voter May 5th Vote British National Party

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