Friday, 29 April 2011

Are Your Details Safe With The Police?

You would think so.

RWB Salford can reveal Greater Manchester Police, have give up to 8000 victims of crimes details to a market research company call Maven, and spent £84 thousand pound for this company to ring you for feed back, despite having there own in house “customer service” department.

Freedom Of Information reveals

· 1. How many details have GMP Provided to Maven research? (2010 / 11 to current date on request) Maven undertake interviews with 8000 victims per year on behalf of GMP. In order to meet this quota GMP provides Maven with between 3-4 times as many contact details.

· 2.What type of details are provided i.e. Name, address, phone numbers and details of crimes? Name, address, phone numbers, details of crime, crime type, Home Office code and crime reference number are provided to Maven.

· 3. How much money has exchanged hands between GMP and Maven Research in regards for services? (2010/11 to current date) GMP have paid a total of £82.5k to Maven Research during the 2010/11 period.

Now all well and good, With all the cut backs, GMP top officers saying station closers and front line services will be effected, and they have money to waste like that? On the other hand GMP don’t seek permission to give your details to Maven, GMP in it own rights are breaking the Law, the Data Protection Act 1998, it seems the case one law for us, and one for the blue fascist army GMP. Maven its self like to boast about other clients such as security giants G4S, who says there not selling details to them as well. I guess it will be not long before security firms come knocking / cold calling over security requirements. Lets face it profits don’t take effect to publics feelings.

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