Monday, 18 April 2011

Salford Residents Reject Labour

By RWB political correspondent.

Activists from Salford branch of the British National Party have stepped up their campaign for the local elections on May 5th with leafletting and canvassing teams hitting key target wards with a message of hope. The parties new re-branded logo is going down a storm with residents, who have spoken very positively about the literature and new look design.

Gary Tumulty, Salford organiser spoke to the RWB team about recent activities and was delighted with the overwhelming support for the candidates and their fresh ideas for Salford.
'The support we are getting on the streets is absolutely amazing' said Mr Tumulty,' and I am very excited about getting our first elected representative onto Salford council' We hope to do very well, and we have been letting everyone know about our new logo and what to look out for, so come polling day, they can vote for the only real opposition to the warmongering of the ukip/lib/lab/con trick.

Keith Fairhurst, deputy organiser added, Its interesting to see lots of Labour literature blowing about the streets, either their activists have given up and are dumping their rubbish, or residents are finally seeing them for what they are and sending them a message that they are sick of them. The British National Party are the only real alternative, and offer real solutions to real everyday problems that face Salfordians. I'm confident we will get a decent return on polling day.

RWB Salford can't argue with that lads, and we wish all the candidates the very best of British for May 5th. 


  1. extermly well done, your a hard grafting bunch of true nationalists, i wish you all the very best of british on 5th may, salford will benefit greatly by voting BNP i know you have the the future of salford in your hearts i hope the good people of salford vote wisely and allow you he chance to show them just how much you all really do care x

  2. It is great that the people of Salford have a chance to get rid of the traitors that currently infest our establishment, let's hope they kick them out..

    Good luck! x