Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Salford BNP 'Alive & Kickin'‏

By RWB political correspondent.

Salford branch of the British National Party are gearing up for the upcoming local elections with renewed vigour and purpose, and we at RWB Salford are delighted to have been asked to tag along and report on how they are preparing for May 5th. 

Officials and activists have been out canvassing for months now, and have engaged the public with a message of hope. Salford residents are fed up of the false promises from the Labour party, and are looking for an alternative to the damaging policies that they implement. The British National Party offer the only real alternative, as the con-dems are a wasted vote in Salford.

It is good to see residents chatting with the BNP candidates, and most promise that they will indeed vote for them. It is also good to see that residents are asking for extra literature to give to friends and family to read. The British National Party are the only party to offer decent, common sense ideas to tackle issues that affect residents at a local level. The British National Party offer real solutions, not pie in the sky politically correct nonsense like the lib/lab/con three party one policy monster.

So, after tailing the extremely hard working and dedicated Salford BNP, we are pleased to announce that they are prepared, and very keen to go into this election safe in the knowledge that they have done the groundwork properly. Salford BNP are indeed  'Alive & kickin'

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