Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Irwell Riverside Candidate Gary Tumulty Confronts Labour

Watch this video below to see the answers to RWB Salford previous reports of harassment and intimidation encountered by the Labour Party to our BNP Candidate for Irwell Riverside and Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty

NOTE: 4 Labour members were arrested in connection with, window smashing and acts of criminal damage RWB Name and shame Alex Halligan, who is a Life long member of the Labour Party, Salford Trade Union vice precedent and reporter for Salford online news and Salford Star. Very nice character indeed.

The Labour25 is 25 Labour Mayors Cllrs and activists who have all been convicted for being peodo's click here for further information.

The man who is being questioned is a ex Lib Dem come Labour member Stephen Ord who is candidate for Irwell Riverside.

Stephen is a little stuck for words watch below see for your self.

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