Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Good Friday Riot Act.

Salford Council Civic Centre, peace and calm you all think, Not until you want to view on the web, what your Northwest MEP Nick Griffin is doing on behalf of you,

Salford BNP organiser Gary Tumulty reports whilst waiting in reception he decided to just look on the Public computers what Nick Griffin MEP was doing on the Salfordians behalf, A known extremist left wing fascist sat close by flew in to outrage sparks flying out of ears, foaming at the mouth and ranting at discussed that I have even dared use the computers to view such a site.

Gary Tumulty tells RWB correspondents “I find it quite strange how the BNP site can offend any one, Nick Griffin is my MEP and I am a Salford tax payer, I have every right to view this site along with any others, the guy who will be named and shamed as Paul Gerrard who represents Socialists Party in Salford, and who have three candidates standing in the May election” “Paul along with the socialist have this extreme view of “Comply or Die” attitude, the man is a disgrace I was told of “Some one was coming to deal with me” right with this super Vin Joseph appeared and asked me to turn the site off also stating that I shouldn’t really be on it”

Now Mr Joseph is another delightful character who is over paid and under qualified to carry the job description he carries, Returning Officer / Elections Office Manager “Vin Joseph allegedly is all for democracy in Salford but as he shown his true colours and were his loyalty lies with the labour party, I personally now feel Vin is unfit for the job in which he employed to do, you can view all other parties web sites, but you shouldn’t go on the BNP site, no democracy In that!” Concludes Gary

It was later discussed with the top council officals that all political web sites will be able to access along with the BNP, Another victory for democracy and if you want to see the BNP site in full glory, you can go down to any council building and view it.


  1. Totalitarian views as expressed by Socialist who believe 'democracy' only exist for those who toe the 'party line'.

  2. What a hoot!!!
    Vin (diesel)Joseph as 'returning officer' what are the chances of him abiding by the electoral rules?
    Do as I say, not as I do..
    The 'reds' hate it when we use our right to access a BNP MEPs website.