Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Fly Your Flag, But Not A St George

RWB Correspondent received a report of Gaddafi supporters in Salford, flying there flag for unity, right under the nose of the treachious Labour Party

Salford BNP emergency team went down when phone calls come streaming in from local residence who were out raged and sickened by the flag being flown.

Gary Tumulty BNP Organiser says “I don’t have a problem with Libya, but Libya problems are not ours, The flying of this flag is an isult to every British person who lives in this esate, if you consider the Libya armed the IRA, who bombed Manchester in 1996 and killed two young children in Warrington, not to mention the connections with Lockerby. The owners of that shop should do the decent thing and remove the Flag with immediate effect. The council and the Labour party are so hell bent on us not flying the St Georges flag because allegedly its to “racist” well now its time to see how they act over this flag.

RWB did note Hazel Blears office is next door to the pizza shop, so lets see what they do, We suppect nothing

If you like to make a complaint to Salford Council you can ring between the hours of 9am and 5pm on 0161794 4711


  1. What an utter disgrace, this should be put on a leaflet and posted to every house in Salford...

  2. Thats the flag of the rebels/al qaeeda, gaddafis is all green mate not that that matters though the st George is not allowed so why is this. I Will report tomorrow aswell