Saturday, 28 April 2012

Unite Union Fight Labour's Election In Salford

Unions Meddling With Elections

Unite the union who represent workers from the both private, and the public sector have now turned their hands top politics, Salford Labour candidate, war monger and expense fiddler Ian Stewart, Unite have used their member union fees to write to every postal voter in Salford and also print the Labour lying propaganda that reach's your doors. 

Exposed on this site, how council workers Unite stewards who get time out to skive and protest against legal political party's and still receive payment from the Salford tax payer (Click to view story)  are now pleading to all members to vote for the Labour Party, who are in fear of loosing seats this coming elections to the British National Party. 

Begging And Bankrupt.

Red White & Blue correspondents who have obtained a begging letter from the bankrupt and in millions of pounds of dept Labour Party, asking for urgent donations to fight the mayoral election, this was done shortly after the rift and internal scrapping on the candidates top spot, John Merry Council leader dubbed by his own Ian Stewart as 'Monkey in a suit' was white washed, back stabbed and betrayed and told of no hope in being their candidate.

The Labour Party are running scared in Salford as they know hot on their heels and the only opposition British National Party, could win the hot seat as mayor, we have our very own postal vote on the picture below and we will not be dictated by any union on who we vote for. 

Eddy British National Party Number 1

On talking to a inside man, Unite Union member tells RWB correspondents in confidence, "Unite are pulling the strings behind this mayoral election, I don't really think there is any democracy in all of this, The union should just concentrate on representing its members, not using members money to fight elections, we have also been receiving calls from members who have complained, and said if it continues they will cancel their memberships with the union".

RWB would urge all Unite members to cancel its membership from immediate effect.

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