Sunday, 1 April 2012

Salford BNP Candidates and Agents Evening

Salford BNP Gary Tumulty Organiser 

Salford British National Party, continue in their positive ray of  light, to hold their monthly meeting as clockwork, the evening was solely about elections, candidates, agents and activists to produce a pro plan way forward to the future of fighting to May 2012 elections.

Chaired by Organiser Gary Tumulty, who gave a full insight of the May 2012 elections, firstly the local by elections where two more candidates stuck their hand up to stand in the fight against the Labour controlled council. Then it was on to the Mayoral Election, held on May 3rd 2012,

On the opening day of nominations the fully completed candidates pack along with deposit and payment for the A5 mayoral booklet were handed in, at the elections office down at Salford Council Civic Center, and we are now pleased to announce that Eddy O'Sullivan is now the official candidate for the British National Party, for the position  Mayor of Salford, Gary tells the Salford membership, to a well deserved round of applause.

Amongst all the election topics spoke about, was the interest of the local media, The BBC Greater Manchester Radio show, and the BBC Northwest, it is also still noted by the Salford people that the local rag of a paper, Salford Advertiser, owned by the Trinity Mirror Group, Manchester Evening News are refusing to publish our candidates name, despite the British National Party being the third main party and only opposition in Salford. The Salford Advertiser will still continue in their very undemocratic way to publish Labour propaganda, and then they wonder why their sales have dropped, they cant even give that paper away, because of the fact it does not represent the real Salfordians.

It is only our activist base who can deliver the truth and the real message of the Salford Branch of the British National Party, amongst publicity material every voter in Salford, that's just under one hundred and forty thousand, will be receiving the council published returning officers mayoral address booklet, and delivered by Royal Mail, featuring our candidate Eddy O'Sulivan, every voter  in the whole of Salford will know the British National Party are in it to win it.

Sign Up Today Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser

A collection of £510 was raised and will go toward the cost of the new party local leaflets that have been specially designed by our publicity team, continuing with the positivity we also signed up a new member to the neighboring group Manchester, Manuel Camzo, who is a Spanish Nationalist book writer, who understand our struggle with the left wing communists style party's running the UK, and dangers of mass immigration, along with the islamification of the UK, Manuel who came to this country to study English, to translate his books to our language, did say to us, in a couple of months when i have finished my course and return home to my country, Can i still be a member, because the party i follow in Spain has based it ideology on this great party, the British National Party is the only real nationalist party in this country, and i have great respect for that fact..

Gary & Manuel Salford BNP

The night ended with a big thank you to all who attended and donated toward the 2012 elections, the forward planning and many steps to be taken for the up and coming elections, a full list of candidate's will be published on this site, on Wednesday 4th April, Close of nominations.

To get in contact with Salford British National Party, for what ever reason, it could be tell us what you dislike about the council, help out in this election, sign up to the postal vote, offer supportive letters, ask any questions, meet any of our officials or candidates or even make a donation of any amount, then contact 07909674006, email or write to PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

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