Friday, 27 April 2012

Salford BNP Action Planning Meeting

Salford BNP Action Planning

Chaired by Gary Tumulty Organiser, April Salford branch meeting went ahead as usual, A way forward pro activity plan has been made, in regards to last minute activism ahead of the current elections which are creeping up fast.

Top of the agenda is still the increasing press interest that has been expressed towards the branch in Salford, the main opposition has been establish and the British National Party is that indeed, It was also spoke about to the disgust of the membership, the dirty underhand undemocratic way of the rag of papers, Salford Advertiser and Manchester Evening News, both owned by the Trinity Mirror Group.

Firstly our Mayoral Candidate was invited to the public hustings organised by the Manchester Evening news, and on seeing our manifesto in Salford and realizing how much real weight it carries, as we speak the language of the Salfordian, banned us from the event.

The second bit of anti BNP media was the sister paper Salford Organiser, who again approached the party and asked us for a 250 mandate for our candidate Eddy O'Sullivan, we submitted what they asked for along with a new picture, and surprise surprise they failed to print what we submitted. 

Not to keep on the negativity. Salford British National Party on the plus side over the past few weeks has been featured on.

BBC Greater Manchester Breakfast Show.
BBC Sunday Morning Politics Show.
BBC National News.
Salford FM Radio.
BBC Greater Manchester Live FM Radio Debate.
And non other that BNP supporter site RWB Salford.(Nationalist News)

Also the 173,000 Salford Council mayoral Address booklets which hit every voter in Salford.

Gary Tumulty Organiser says "We are all now set for the elections, and as a whole in Salford we have pulled together, I would like to thank every one who has donated and helped us in the run up to this election

"This is our final week and more work is required please, final plea, get involved ring me let me know what you can do, whether it be street activism, cyber activism, attending counts,or simply transporting people with no cars to us in Salford, its vital" Gary Concluded 

Contact Salford British National Party on 07909674006 or 


  1. Great work Gary and good luck to Eddy your mayoral candidate, he's doing us proud.

  2. A huge success for the BNP You guys are fantastic!

  3. I echo the above comments 100%