Monday, 23 April 2012

Nick Griffin MEP In Salford St George's Day

Salford BNP Organiser Gary Tumulty, Nick Griffin MEP Leader

Northwest MEP Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party, Visits the Salford Branch to lend a hand in the local and mayoral elections that are taking place, and to celebrate St Georges Day. Mr Griffin and the local activists took time to go and visit the local shopping precinct to give out the new St Georges leaflets and home made cup cakes to passers by.

Cakes Run Out Very Quick

Hundreds of the new leaflets along with the cup cakes were handed out to an enthusiastic public, who were very grateful to accept the free gift from the British National Party, on more than one occasion it was said that Nick Griffin MEP was the only politician out in Salford and actively getting involved and celebrating the patron saint of the day, There was also an increase in local students who wanted to quiz the chairman over the party's policy's, and some who didn't fully agree with every policy but said we were talking sense and they would be voting British National Party,  

Local BBC From Media City.

The afternoon capped off with the local BBC Northwest team, who shadowed activists and the chairman for around 40 or so minutes in the hope that they would get the money shot, people disagreeing with the party, but to their shock there was not much disagreement or crossed words all day, the BBC conducted an interview with the chairman who was only to happy to oblige, Nick spoke of local elections and our mayoral candidate Eddy O'Sullivan, and top of the agenda the social housing scandal what is taking place in Salford today.

Support 7 to 1 In Salford

Nick Griffin MEP say's "This is an easy little exercise, and every branch should now plan for next year, bake your own cake's, very easy and very cheap, get down to your local events and show the public, we are the only people who want to preserve and celebrate St George's day, and when in power we will continue to campaign to make it a national bank holiday"

Gary Tumulty Salford British Organiser concluded with "I would just like to thank all activist and the chairman who took the time to come out with us today, and help out with the various activity's we had going on around Salford, it is very important we celebrate St Georges Day, its England's day, the Salfordian's Day" 


  1. i u want a decent salford once again and get rid of the rubbish .. vote eddy osullivan on mat the 3rd

  2. A Huge thank you to Nick, Gary and the team for their efforts today. I wonder how many other party leaders take the time to get around the country to support their candidates? Cheers Nick and happy St. George's day to one and all.

  3. brilliant to see gary tumulty and the leader nick griffin in salford today mixing with ordinary people .. if we wnt our country to run smoothly and a good deal or pensioners and our soldiers bringing bk home and to save our nhs we must vote bnp theres no other option . well done gary nick and the team