Saturday, 21 April 2012

Media Censorship - BNP Don't Get Their Say

Unless Your The British National Party Candidate

The very undemocratic rag of news paper Manchester Evening News a part of the Trinity Mirror Group, have organised a public hustings for all Salford Mayoral Candidates to attend on Tuesday 24th April, 7PM at the Salford Arts Theater, with the aim for all party's and candidates involved with the elections to debate, and have they say why they are the people for the job of Mayor,

You Contacted The BNP Remember

Manchester Evening News editor Jen Williams did in fact invite Eddy O'Sullivan British National Party candidate to the hustings, and Eddy did agree, then the chief editor David Ottewell, on seeing British National Party manifesto and its vote winning policy's decided to withdraw the invite and denied Eddy O'Sullivan his say with the view of there long standing editorial policy's regarding the BNP, then he suggested the invite was sent to us in error, and according to there policy the invite must be withdrawn

The Boss Knows Best

Also printed in the sister paper Salford Advertiser this week, details in regards to the public hustings, details of how to obtain tickets and the venue, then the lies start, it is reported how Eddy O'Sullivan British National Party Candidate will not be taking part in the hustings, failing to mention he had been banned and Eddy did indeed accept the invite, further more when correspondents of the RWB News Team rang the offices of the advertiser to ask why the British National Party would not be taking party in the hustings, we was told by the receptionist, Eddy O'Sullivan had refused to attend, when we asked why they are lying to the public and challenged with the truth the phone went dead, they hung up.

Half The Story

Eddy O'Sullivan and the British National Party will indeed challenge any candidate at the hustings, and we would urge the Manchester Evening News to let the British National Party in on the debate, after all whats the problem, what you all so afraid of? The British National Party is the only opposition party and the only one to fix Salford.


Please let the Manchester Evening News and The Salford Advertiser they have it wrong ring 0161 211 2802

Or contact David Ottewell directly on 0161 211 2323

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