Sunday, 29 April 2012

A British Sunday Fun Day.

Salford Mayoral Candidate Eddy O'Sullivan

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Eddy O’Sullivan, the British national Party’s candidate for the upcoming mayoral elections in the city of Salford, was delighted to be invited to attend a scooter rally organised by the Vesperado Scooter Club based in Salford, Greater Manchester. This event was held at the White Horse Pub on Worsley Road, Salford and took place on Sunday, 29th April 2012. The event was packed with two wheel enthusiasts from all over the North West of England. Eddy was accompanied by stalwart British National Party activists, Gary Tumulty and Kay Pollitt. They spent an hour or so chatting with the club members and admiring their machines, each one of them beautifully kept and looked after. I am talking about the scooters here, not necessarily the members!

Lots Of Support

The aim of the day was to raise money for Christie’s children’s hospital. The British National Party were delighted to offer a donation of £50.00. This donation was pledged by none other than Nick Griffin MEP for North West England from his ‘English Fair Fund’.

Nick donates 10% of his gross monthly MEP salary and the surplus from his attendance allowance to the fund for this purpose and has provided help to many good causes over the past 12 months.

Sports clubs struggling for funding and heritage projects needing resources have been helped. The Nick Griffin MEP has also provided emergency supplies to those left homeless after the Salford gas explosion.
The largest cash donation that the English Fair Fund has made was £1,000 to the Cumbria Flood Appeal, but it has also invested £6,000 in equipment such as the boats and lifejackets for the region’s under-privileged youngsters to use, and a marquee available for community groups when promoting their projects at local summer fetes.

Fun Day For All

If your sports clubs or heritage project would like to be considered for a donation, then please contact the constituency office of Nick Griffin MEP at

After enjoying a couple of lemonades and a burger with these fine people Gary Tumulty, British National Party Organiser for Salford offered gifts of Union flags and literature which were gratefully accepted by our accommodating host, Freddie Goldtooth,

Eddy Showing Off The Mayoral Candidate Booklet

The cultural Marxists of this British government and previous governments are often at a loss to describe what ‘being British’ means. Eddy O’Sullivan says that ‘it is qualitative, not quantitative and if you don’t know what being British means then you evidently are not British.’ Just spend a few minutes in the company of folk that evidently are British, like the members of the Vesperado Scooter Club and then you will have a good idea of what ‘being British’ actually is.

Voice Of Freedom

God bless all those good people who attended and God bless the terminally ill children whose last days on this Earth will be made a bit happier and more comfortable because of the huge goodness of heart these wonderful people have.

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