Sunday, 1 April 2012

Eddy For Mayor Of Salford

Eddy O'Sullivan Salford BNP Mayoral Candidate

100 Word press release sent to the BBC Northwest for Eddy O'Sullivan Salford British National Party mayoral candidate for the May 3rd elections to be held at Salford City Council 

Although not a native born Salfordian, I have lived here for over twenty years. I am 53 years old and make my living in the telecommunications and technology sector. I have been a business owner. My commitment as Mayor of Salford is to ensure that Salford people come first, every time, in respect of housing and public services. They should benefit from common sense policies and not suffer from the ridiculous political correctness that has paralysed the machinery of government today. Cutting business rates and eliminating car park charges, amongst other things, will provide the financial boost this city needs.

All press contact or interest wishing to contact Eddy O'Sullivan and Salford British National Party must email

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