Monday, 2 April 2012

Salford BNP Mayor And Number 10

May 3rd 2012 Vote Eddy O'Sullivan British National Party

It was announced by David Cameron on Tuesday 27th March 2012, that city elected mayor's will have direct and highest access to government, a special 'mayors cabinate' will be formed and will meet a minimum of twice a year

This would effect Salford on a large scale and give our, if elected, British National Party mayoral candidate Eddy O'Sullivan a massive say on how the city is run, Eddy has made a personal pledge, to lobby for the end of Immigration and for the city of Salford to start investing in its own people, the majority, not the minority.

Remember the Labour Party's candidate Ian Stewart's, time in government, voting for illegal wars, and to stop the public enquiry to that war, Stewart has the blood of innocent Iraqi civilians and British Troops all over his hands,  so that will give you an idea of what he would lobby for, Next in sight Iran possible?

The Mayoral role in Salford is massive, and will reflect on how Salford is run for the next four years, A Labour vote is not a good choice, they fail to protect and fight for the British people in their own country,

Lets just see what type of CV Salford Labour have, whilst in power down at the council -

Destroyed - NHS one being the maternity wards, this has lead towards the destruction Salfordian's identity .
Education - Failing children, - Salford University dubbed the worst in the UK.
Crime - shootings, murders, robberies, rioting, anti social  behaviour along with hate crimes upon the British.
Housing -  no houses for the British, under Labour foreigners come first.
Roads - pot hole central under Labour.
Local Business - time and again you see local business close their doors for the big retail giants to move in.
Immigration - new wave of Africans have arrived, and still pouring in.
Debt - Salford Council is in millions of pounds of debt, due to silly spending.
Hazel Blears - Stealing from the public purse and getting off scott free,

So the current situation under Salford Labour has been outlined, don't let them scape goat, blaming Conservative government, it was the Labour Party who lead us to this mess, well before the conservative finished the job, its the Labour Party who run and control Salford, a real chance is needed a vote for the British National Party, could open a whole new avenue for the people of Salford

Help improve your city, come May 3rd Vote Eddy O'Sullivan, British National Party


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