Sunday, 29 April 2012

Public Fraud Salford Labour Mayoral Candidate

Public Rip Off Says RWB Salford

Salford Labour Mayoral Candidate Ian Stewart, is one of the member of parliament who was once caught up in the expenses scandal. Stealing cash and being elected for own personal gains is what the Labour Party stand for, whilst in government filthy Stewart claimed £139,736 more than double his £60,277 basic allowance he was entitled to.  

Stewart, staying away from home, claimed £18,000 a further £18,968 paying for the cost of running his office and to top it off a staggering £102,000 on Labour staffing cost, travel and stationery, when challenged Mr Stewart claims "Every penny i claim goes toward the service i deliver".

Whilst in Westminster Stewart voted in favor of the illegal war in Iraq, then against the public inquiry in to allegations of wrong doings in that war, ban on smoking and the increase of student university fee's along with an increase of VAT rates, hoping his service is value for money, Stewart claimed he had no other income nor did he choose to seek any other.

The Salford Mayoral Elections is another chance for Labour Ian Stewart to get in to the public purse, personal gains with no value to the Salfordians. RWB Political Researchers have also found more disturbing news about Mr Stewart. 

Ian Stewart in his early years had a affair with a young lady from Boothstown, who he got pregnant, and when he found out, Labour's Stewart flew into a rage, demanding the un-named lady to terminate the unborn child as it would ruin his reputation, she refused point blank and Stewart in full view of a crowded pub in Worsley delivered her with a almighty smack to the face, stopped by locals he fled and to current date Stewart has never paid one single penny to the upkeeping of that child, but has left it to the tax payer once again. RWB did ring Ian and ask for his side of the story, "No comment" Stewart said in his best Scottish accent.

War monger, and unfit parent, Labour Ian Stewart is non other than a fraud, a burden to the people of Salford, and we would urge all Salfordians do not vote Labour.

 As subscribers already know, the admin team supports the British National Party, and we would also say to  you, vote Eddy O'Sullivan for mayor, but the choice is yours.