Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Salford BNP Mayoral Booklet

Salford Mayoral Booklet, Hitting The Doors.

As the postal vote forms drop, so does the Salford Council Mayoral Elections, Voters guide, over 173 thousand voters in Salford will see this booklet containing the British National Party candidate's Eddy O'Sullivan address.

Page 7 - The Best Page

Addressing issue's such as the British Salfordians must be housed up first, and abolish the council bidding system, reducing council tax and offering free parking across the city, in commercial shopping area's is the main focus of the British National Party. It is very important to take the view of the Salfordians on, but as well as acknowledging such problem, its another to act on them and Eddy is only more willing to tackle these issues, or any other the voters would like to talk about.

Since this booklet has hit the doors the Northwest constituency office phones have been inundated with calls asking to speak and meet with our candidate, There is a lot of support out there for the British National Party, so i would not under estimate our Eddy as a winner. 

Local Organiser Gary Tumulty says "Eddy is the perfect man to do the mayors job in Salford, this booklet cost us an additional £500 on top of our deposit and i would say this is the best £500 we have ever spent here in Salford.

RWB Outlines The Answer Joey, Follow Green Line.

"173, 000 leaflets delivered by royal mail, has generated a lot of publicity for the party in our city, funnily enough a ex lib dem, come Independent made a drastic move to the  green party, who now happens to be there mayoral candidate was poking fun at us a few months ago, after the BBC attempted to say we were bankrupt as a party couldn't afford to pay for his page in this booklet, in fact he only just scraped together his deposit. Well who is laughing now?" Gary concluded 

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