Sunday, 22 April 2012

Salford BNP Mayoral Candidate On BBC Politics Show

Eddy O'Sullivan, British National Party Mayoral Candidate.

Sunday 22nd April 2012 at 2:35PM see Eddy O'Sullivan, featured on the BBC Sunday Morning Politics Show, Eddy explains how we want the Salford Council, housing bidding system removed, and made fair for the true Salfordians, On education he explains certain subjects are being taught to our children what are wrong, and Eddy capped of with saying jobs and apprenticeships are what Salford needs.

Also featured was Special Labour John Merry, Leader of the council, The failed and rejected Merry, who is also dubbed as a monkey in a suit from his own members and Mayoral Candidate boasted how since the 1930's, Salford population is booming as more and more people want to live here in Salford, failing to mention that the type of people that are now flooding into Salford are immigrants from countries further afield.

Failed Monkey In A Suit

John Merry who slurred and failed to pronounce his words properly, claimed he wanted to preserve Salford and look after the OAP's, does John have a short memory, Its Labour Controlled Council who was and are still paying Asylum Seekers utility bills, who all live in fully furnished houses, and have paid nothing in to society,  Exposed by Salford British National Party, found out how the payment of pre fuel top up cards was being handed out every week, and Labour's attitude to the British OAP's is fend for your self. 

Merry went on to say he Labour want to preserve the city, but yet Labour are selling all council land off to private investors who bulldoze area's and build un-affordable houses and business shopping outlets, Salford Labour has sold its soul to the devil, it is Peel Holdings who own Salford, not the council as Labour under John Merry has sold it off cheap to Peel Holdings.  

Labour have run Salford for a long time now, The British National Party, is the only party who will make a real difference here, We speak for the Salfordians, the out of touch Labour Party can not have their way any longer, use your vote wisely.

Thursday 3rd May 2012 1 Mark, That's Eddy O'Sullivan

Make a real Difference, Make a change, Eddy O'Sullivan British National Party. 

Full Interview can be heard by Clicking this link fast forward to 35 minutes.

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