Thursday, 1 December 2011

Simon Darby At Salford BNP Meeting

Salford British National Party

National Press Officer and Party spokes man, Simon Darby, speaking at the Salford Branch of the British National Party meeting, tells the crowd of his experience with the equality and human rights commissions, how they attempted to jail him and close the party down, at what ever cost to the British tax payer. Simon states “We are still here, and very much alive and kicking. The British National Party is here to stay, we are going no where”

Simon Darby & Gary Tumulty British National Party

Simon continued to tell us about some of his pleasurable moments he has had tackling the ultra left wing marxist media, One of Simons favourable movements was the Question Time where the Chairman Nick Griffin MEP told Labour Jack Straw “your father was tossed in jail for collaborating with the Nazi’s in the war, mine was fighting for the British”

The evening ended with local Organiser Gary Tumulty explaining just exactly how he had exposed Labours controlled Salford City Council, for keeping the so called no working Asylum seekers warm and comfortable, by giving free utility fuel top ups out this Christmas and new year despite all the British OAP, some of whom fought in the world wars for this country, who will again freeze this winter. “The left wing and labour party, have done their best to try and discredit the information we have uncovered and exposed, by doctoring the figure’s, and saying I am raising racial tension , The true figures ladies and gentlemen are £120 gas and £90 electric”

Gary will add “In response to labours threat of the Police coming to arrest me, if I don’t remove the video, The video will remain in place, until you remove all British tax payers funding of asylum seekers, and use the money on the British OAP’s”.

Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser - The MYTH's On The Asylum Seeker Letter. 

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