Thursday, 29 December 2011

Salford BNP Touch’s A Nerve

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Salford British National Party response to Barbara Spicer Cheif Executive Salford Council letter, See we are transparent unlike the council 

Barbara Spicer
Chief Executive
Salford City Council
Town Hall
Chorley Road
M27 5FJ

Dear Mrs Spicer

Thank you for your letter dated 14/12/11 ref BS/MMH, I would just like to respond and pick you up on two separate matters of my own, 

1, The video on you tube, you have requested me to remove will remain in place, as it is a matter of public interest, although I am a fair man, and we can come to some reasonable agreement on the removal of the video, I would advise Salford Council to immediately stop the funding of British tax payers money in regards to fuel handouts to asylum seekers, and publicly announce this fact, then we can talk about the video being took off you tube, but if not then the video will remain in place. 

Salford Council’s attitude towards the British People is absolutely disgraceful, to suggest our own OAP’s who fought in wars for this country, have to fend for themselves in the winter, whilst an asylum seeker who has paid nothing into the country gets looked after and gets free fuel hand outs at the expense of the British tax payers, which we demand an apology and a plea for the same deal. 

2, The second point I would like to draw to your attention is Salford Council’s social network, facebook. The first point I will make is what a total waste of tax payers money it is, three members of staff are paid totalling just under 96 thousand pounds to play around and run the site. 

Clare Hunter and the other staff in her team, do not do a good enough job in running the social networks, firstly Salford Council is listed as a ‘local business’ despite Salford Council claiming it is a ‘statutory body’. Secondly comments and questions are very rarely answered and thirdly the social networks are not being run fairly, you only seem to promote the Labour Party which is unfair to other opposition party’s such as Salford elected member of the European parliament Nick Griffin, 

The last point on Social networks I will make is as a Salford Tax payer and your employer, remember you work for the public. I have every right to place comments on ‘public owned’ Salford Council facebook wall, as for the councils social media rules and guidelines, I have no contract with the council and since your own staff can not adhere by its own ruling on the political postings because of all the labour propaganda, you really have no rights to tell me what to post and I hold my human rights to a freedom of expression and speech.

If Salford Council choose to ban me from the social network sites, I would expect a full reimbursement on my council tax, along with all other British National Party members and supporters as you are denying us our freedom of speech, and this service of social networks of what you offer, We will not be expected to foot the bill for some thing we don’t get.

I hope this clarifies every thing for you Barbara, and take on board and answer what I say

1, Stop funding asylum seekers
2, Reform or remove social media sites
3, Give us fair play / coverage on the facebook / twitter sites

Thank you for your time

Gary Tumulty
Salford Leader
British National Party
PO Box 16
M6 7PT 


  1. An excellent reply to an abusive letter! Nice one Gary.

  2. thank you for that KGO42 we could resist sticking it on our site

  3. The SPICERS of this country are our real& deadliest enemies ---- not the alien hoards they are letting in. If it came to a civil war the inverted white racists may reap the rewards of their treason. The incandecent anger amongst many English people is being fanned by cretins like this woman.

  4. No Free Speech then? Same here in Tameside