Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dont Let Muslims Take Over.... Protect Your Poppy

Burn Our Poppy, We Burn Your Quran!

Nick Griffin’s MEP office has released the latest part of the snowballing Protect the Poppy campaign. The drive to stop a repeat of last year’s Muslim poppy burning outrage outside the Royal Albert Hall moves up another gear today as banners for the demonstration go into production. 

“Protect the Poppy – Standing for those who fell for us” is the message on the top-quality banners that will be carried by protesters at the non-party political vigil and demonstration on 10th/11th November. 
A slight hiccough in the campaign organisation earlier today has been rapidly overcome. Despite buying a domain name for a stand-alone website for the campaign yesterday, we found out today that an ‘error’ at the domain provider had led to our registration failing and that domain being bought up by someone else and pointed to the websites of groups backed by the far-left. 
Fortunately, the problem was quickly spotted and overcome. “The revised leaflets now back on this site are therefore ‘good to go’,” says Adam Walker, who is helping to co-ordinate the growing campaign in his capacity as a member of Mr. Griffin’s European office staff. “We’re set to see large numbers given out tomorrow all over the country and especially in London.”
“Our campaign is clearly touching a chord with loads of people. Activists and ex-servicemen from all over the country are telling us they’re coming. I think it’s a mixture of the novelty of our approach and a rising sense of righteous anger among the British people. Between them, the Muslim fanatics and the Powers That Be have been kicking sand in our faces for too long. Now it’s fight back time!”

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