Monday, 28 November 2011

Salford Council Exposed Over Asylum Seekers Gas / Electric Benefits

Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty, Unimpressed 
Salford Council Exposed, Letter Fell In Wrong Hands 110% True

Anonymous source sends Salford British National Party, a letter from the local council with details of payment of fuel expenses due to handed out to asylum seekers over the Christmas and new year period, despite far left groups and blogs claiming the letter was a fake.

The letter what was found in a near by local hospital on the floor out lines how a £120 of gas and £90 of electric fuel top up for pre payment meters will be handed out to see the asylum seekers warm and well over the cold season, despite our own OAP’s who will be again freezing to death, this winter.

A British National Party undercover investigation headed by Gary Tumulty Organiser, lead to the council being exposed, a conversation between Salford Council and Gary can be heard, and the common purpose council staff try to justify how its right, and how hard up the asylum seekers are. Salford Council say they will not help Salford OAP’s, as they already get benefits and fuel allowances,

It is unsure just how many are qualifying for this asylum seeker fuel top up scheme, Salford Council staff refused to give figures out, a freedom of information request has been submitted to obtain the figures 

The council would not take responsibility for the hand outs, and steered the blame to the central government. A 2009/10 figure obtained by the freedom of information, show how the Salford tax payer funded asylum seeks to the tune of £137, 315.20, with hand out from rent, utility bills and fully furnished houses. 

Gary Tumulty Organiser speaking to RWB correspondents says “This is not just a problem in Salford, this is happening nation wide, I knew this happened but never really had 100% fact or evidence, that letter was found in such a strange place and in the council’s eyes, landed in the wrong hands, we have it now in black and white, its appalling how the government and councils treat our own people in our own land, its time for change”

“The British National Party are committed to the indigenous people of this country, and will never rest until we remove and hold accountable every traitor, who has sold this country down the river”

Gary speaking to one of his OAP constituent on his ward told him, how she struggles to keep her house warm in the winter it can cost her up to £5 a day on gas and £15 a week on electric, which adds up to a considerable amount when you have no money. 

Watch The BNP Undercover Team At Work 

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