Thursday, 17 November 2011

Salford Labour Tweeting Mad.

Labour Tweeter With Labour Leader.

RWB Reported this week how John Merry, Special Salford Council Labour Leader, attacks the freedom of speech by setting his solicitors on to British National Party Salford Leader Gary Tumulty, for the crime of daring to speak out against him.

Amongst the alleged crime was defamatory material published on our site, and slander due to some of the comments which were made, even though they are true.

It seems the Salford Labour Members are making some defamatory and slanderous comments of their own, On the twitter social networking site, we have Gena Merrett, Labour Candidate for 2012 Swinton South ward, has been claming Salford BNP Members have made threats to go round to her house and smash her window’s

Tweeting Mad Labour

Amongst other things Gena claim’s the Salford BNP organisers windows have never been smashed, but others have been done because of apparent emotional lies and violence,  Gena what lies and violence?

Is That So?

The British National Party is a peaceful and law abiding party, let me remind you, it was your Labour Treasurer Alex Halligan who was arrested for the violence and window smashing, along with warning’s of stalking BNP members. Is this the behaviour of the official’s in the Labour Party

RWB correspondent spoke to Gary Tumulty who said “Against the labour party do not learn there lesson, this is what they are good at, spreading malicious lies and hatred towards a totally legal party, its labour who smash window’s not the BNP. It goes to show you how much of a little bubble they are in”

RWB attempted to ask Special John Merry Labour Leader for his comments but he declined to talk to us. 

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