Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Asylum Seekers Get Fuel Hand Out. British OAP Freeze!

Gary Tumulty, British National Party Salford Organiser Halton House

British National Party, Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty, who recently exposed the Labour run Salford Council, on giving gas and electric hand outs, over the Christmas and New Year period, took the time to go along and see the real victims who will suffer this winter.

British pensioners will be sitting in their sleeping bags this year, and unable to put the heating on due the high prices, and the scenario of  ’heat or eat’ crisis,  whilst asylum seekers who have paid nothing in to society lap it up in fully heated and powered houses at the expense of the British tax payer.

It is estimated that seven million house holders will suffer in the heat or eat scandal revealed by the British National Party

Heat Or Eat???? 

Gary adds “as you can all see in the video, The reality is, our people, and pensioners have been left on the scrap heap, and told to fend for our self’s, The Government is quite happy to invite more asylum seekers in, and we are picking up the bills, and in Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood speech words, we must be mad, literally mad,

Its time to take our country back, for the traitors who do such a bad job in running our country. Our people come first in our country”

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  1. They don't care about British people only immigrants coming in to the Country.