Saturday, 24 September 2011

Salford Hold North West Regional Council Meeting

BNP North West Regional Council Meet In Salford

Chairing a well attended British National Party North West Regional council meeting Mike Whitby, Regional Organiser announces new appointments of new organisers in the district,

Wigan / Leigh, Organiser’s Dennis Shambley & Steve Bradley
Manchester North, Deputy Organiser Eddy O’Sullivan
Rochdale, Orgnaiser David O’Loughlin
Blackburn, Organiser Nancy Shaw-Farmer
Blackburn, Secretary David Bradley
Blackburn, Treasure Darren Jeal
North West Treasure of two months, Jen Mathys

All the new appointed officials are only to happy to come and join the North West winning team, Clive Jefferson Deputy North West Organiser told the meeting “The North West is the heart of the British National Party, but its time to get back to basics now, lets get on with the job in hand”

Two local by elections have been called one in Salford, Eccles ward and one in the Barnsley, all activist must get behind their branch, get together and lets all help each other out in the quest to start winning more elections.

The meeting had many different discussions from all organisers in the North West, talks of new election tactics, uniting members / activists and having lots more smaller pro active meetings, It was discussed that members should also attended this Thursdays protest in Liverpool out side the BBC before the Question Time is aired,

Mike Whitby North West Regional Organiser also explained to the officials we must never listen to malicious gossip about our members and chairman, Its vital that we ignore the lies, told by others, This is done in an attempt to destroy our party, but we will never allow this to happen.

“Panorama is due to be screen on the BBC, The British National Party has already took steps to fight back against the outrageous lies told by the BBC and a video explaining what the Panorama crew where up to and how they had the camera’s turned on them, for a taste of there own medicine. Available to view on the BNPTV and main site” Mike added

All North West members are now all available to attended councillor training sessions organised by the party, for any body interested in becoming a councillor. Any body wishing to attend the short course can get in touch with their Regional Organiser who will provide dates and details.

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