Thursday, 10 November 2011

Labour Leader John Merry Attacks Freedom Of Speech

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By RWB Chief Editor

A very special Labour Leader John Merry, Salford Council seems to be more than a little upset over being exposed as a mere nothing other than a thug in a cheap suit out fit formally known as the Labour Paedo Party.

Back on the 9th September 2011 the Red White and Blue news report team ran an article about the Labour Party being involved with a militant political terrorist IRA supporting group, known as Manchester Anti Fascist Alliance (MAFA) Click to view

As reported M.A.F.A had waged an all out violent war against the British National Party, and any form of Nationalist Movement is the Greater Manchester area, The Salford British National Party Organiser Gary Tumulty ranking number one on the MAFA hit list, saw scores of threatening phone calls, Violent encounters, Window’s being smashed numerous times, Stalking and forms of harassment, Miss carriage of a girl friends baby and even losing his job. One Labour member Alex Halligan who happens to be the treasurer and party official for the Broughton Ward, under John Merry was exposed and named and shamed on this very site as one of the main men participating in such actions

A very unhappy John Merry, Salford Labour Leader has instructed his solicitor Frances Randle of Steel and Shamash to take action against Gary Tumulty for exercising his freedom of speech and expression of the misery of what he has suffered at the hands of the Labour thugs. 

On passing the letter over to the Red White and Blue team, we would like to first point out, This site is not Gary Tumulty’s and he doesn’t have a say or control of what content goes on here, The second point we will make is, This site is not a British National Party blog, and doesn’t reflect on their policy, although we do openly support it. The third point we will make clear is, Every thing on this site, is the truth, the whole truth and nothing put the truth,

John the facts and truth is;

You are a liar, 
You are poison and a nasty old man
You are a Drunk 
You haven’t got a clue what is happening around you
You do have thugs from MAFA working for you

The Red White and Blue Salford team will not apologise for reporting the truth and the article you and your solicitors have requested to be removed will indeed remain in place, for all our supporters and subscribers to see, we on the other hand think you and the Labour Party should apologise publicly to Gary Tumulty Salford BNP Organiser for all what your members and treasurer have done to him over the past couple of months.

John you have stated in the past Greater Manchester Police had no evidence to prove who has done all this to Gary Tumulty of Salford British National Party, Gary indeed did personally see and give chase to Halligan and the three other goons you sent to smash his window, the loop holes in the legal system allowed Halligan to avoid charge, and it wouldn’t surprise us if you had a say in that as well.

The RWB Chief editor says “John you should be more worried what your members are up to, your party is full of thugs, paedo’s and child molester’s, how is Peter Tuffley these days, do you still keep in contact? This comes as labour25 list of convicted mp’s and councillors continues to grow”

John Merry Labour Leader Salford Council likes to give it out but finds it difficult to take back. John your embarrassment is mere nothing to the embarrassment you are to your party and your constituency you are supposed to serve on. The ONLY option left for you John is to resign with immediate effect

A council insider who was brave enough to speak to the RWB news team tells us “Mr Merry is a laughing stock down at the civic centre campus, many entertaining days are spent just watching him. If he doesn’t like you he will go to any extents to shut you up. The letter you have shown me does not surprise me one bit. When the tough gets going, John gets gone. There are many different incidents John has been involved with, one that shocked me the most is the time he was alleged to have been involved in a curb crawling incident in the city centre and I suggest that your team looks in to it”

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