Thursday, 29 December 2011

Facebook Fool

How Do You Work Facebook Please Any One?

Salford Council employ a team of three staff at the civic centre at the tune of 94 thousand pounds to the tax payer, to moderate social media network sites such as facebook and twitter

On facebook Salford Council is describes it self as a ‘local business’ and a ‘company’ despite a freedom of information request, claiming the council is a statutory body. 

So this leaves two questions. We will be asking the local council. 

1. On social networks Salford Council refers to its self as a ‘local business’ and a ‘company’ what type of company / local business are they running?

2. Is this a common mistake by the council incompetent and over paid IT Social network specialists, and if so what action will be taken?

RWB Correspondents spoke to Salford British National Party Organiser Gary Tumulty who said “Three people run these so called facebook and twitter sites, they  are so called IT professionals or I would like to think they are, after all they are paid a lot of cash to do this job, 

Personally I would not pay a single person to play on social network sites all day at the expense of the tax payer,

The British National Party would remove such quango departments, who take vast amounts of time and tax payers money, and restore the money spent on them ventures, back to the front line services that really need it” Gary concluded 

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