Sunday, 13 November 2011

Manchester North Meeting

Eddy O'Sullivan Manchester BNP Meeting.

RWB Special Manchester Report. 

After members and official’s pay respect to the fallen hero’s from the past and present conflicts and world wars, The Manchester British National Party hold their monthly meeting Reports Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser

Chaired by new appointed Manchester Deputy Organiser Eddy O’Sullivan, explains to the membership how, we have now secured the venue for a regular monthly meeting, and how he would he would be holding the fort until the return of Derek Adams, Organiser.

Guest speaker for the evening was long time member Duncan Warner, who spoke of the British Heritage and how it fits in with the British National Party policy. Amongst the many subjects spoke about, Duncan went on to discuss the British Industrial Revolution what helped to form the world as it is today, 

A considerable amount was raised in the collection and will be used for leaflets, and up and coming events from the Manchester Branch. Eddy O’Sullivan tells correspondents “It is always a great pleasure to attend British National Party meetings, and see such enthusiastic members, with such strong views, it is highly important we all stick together and fight the left wing party’s in power today, because with out us, there is nothing left

“I would like to thank all the members who turned up, and donated to the Manchester Branch tonight”

Another meeting is scheduled for January just after Christmas and any member in Manchester who want to come along should send an email to or contact 07909674006 and we can provide details of the next meeting, 

Next monthly meeting agenda will be discussions on candidate’s for 2012 by elections, which I am pleased to announce members have already put their hand up to be counted, but to stand a firm chance of getting elected we need more names to come forward.  Its your time to stand up for your community, fellow British Person and party come to the next meeting and lets get involved. 

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