Saturday, 5 November 2011

Salford BNP On Democracy

Labour Leader Ranting, Salford Advertiser

Salford British National Party response to Labour Leader letter in local paper Salford Advertiser

The British National Party are about fairness to our own people, and democracy in our country. Last weeks Salford Advertiser dated Thursday November 3rd 2011 features a column about John Merry, Labour Council Leader claiming the British National Party was in favour of the Mayor Referendum, This position is absolutely correct, as the third main party in Salford we will forever be committed to democracy for the Salfordian’s.

Mr Merry continues to say the British National Party are about to waste £200,000 for the referendum, This is simply not true, We as a party have never wasted, or in fact even, spent one single penny of tax payers money. Labour are the ones in power and indeed wasting the cash, and have been doing for many years.

John Merry Expense claims for last year was £38,265, well over his basic allowance of £10,080, he claimed £28,155 on ‘special allowance’s’ What are the special allowance’s John? The Labour controlled Salford Council have wasted fortunes of tax payers money on such ventures as, Free food festivals, Ice Rinks, Biscuit funds and the general lining of their own greedy MP’s and councillors pockets in bogus expense claims, like the £300,056 of special allowance’s claimed by Salford Councillor’s last year.

A Salford Labour controlled council is a very costly one with one of the highest council tax rate in the Greater Manchester area, The British National Party would reduce Salford Council Tax rate to a minimum with out cutting services, The Salford Riots is a result of Labours cost cutting, rate increasing and pushing more Salfordian’s into poverty, not to mention the slash they made in Greater Manchester Police Services

The petition for the mayor referendum saw over 7% of the public sign and was handed in at Salford Civic centre back in July 2011, Give Salfordian’s their say, SET A DATE.

Gary Tumulty.
British National Party Salford Leader
PO Box 16
M6 7PT.

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