Friday, 21 October 2011

Lib Dems Pushed 4th In Eccles By Election

Salford British National Party Elections Team

British National Party Pregnant candidate Kay Pollitt earned a very respectable third position pushing the Lib Dem’s in to fourth in the Eccles By Election 20Th October 2011,

Activist from Colwyn Bay, Liverpool, Manchester and Cumbria came over to help out on the day of election,  One of Salford’s anonymous business men donated a £100 to keep the Truth Truck fuelled up for the day.

Kay Pollitt Eccles Candidate says “Thank you to all the Voters who voted for me, Thank you to the activists and my agent / organiser Gary who ran the election”

Gary Tumulty Salford Organiser says “People are still voting labour for some reason, you could put a tea pot up in labours name and that would get elected under their banner
“It seems labour have done a lot of work getting people to vote by post, So we need to take a leaf out of their book, a lot of soft support is witnessed time and time again, thumbs up is around 6 to 1 in Salford, the problem is getting them in to the polling stations, the way round this is to encourage them sort of supporters to take a postal vote, it’s a done deal and a block of votes to us

“I am very happy with tonight’s result’s the lib dems used to have a councillor in this ward, so to come behind us, is a massive result, In Salford now the British National Party is the third main party.” Gary concluded

The Results

Labour 1227
Conservative 701
British National Party 147
Lib Dem 125
Independent 53

Turn out 25.1%
British National Party took 6.52% votes

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